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Born at Bilaspur (Madhya Pradesh) on 12th Dec. 1872, Dr. B.S Moonje had his school life at Bilaspur and Raipur, and became a Doctor from Grant Medical College Mumbai in 1898.
He participated in the Boer War (Africa) in 1899, as a member of the medical wing. He gained recognition as a multifaceted personality; doctor by profession; well versed in shastras; and a vigorously active politician, later named as "Dharmaveer" Dr. B. S Moonje.
His contribution in reference to the ‘Simon Commission’, ‘Budget Provision for Defence’, ‘Social Reform’ etc. has been proudly acknowledged by society at large.
The Central Hindu Military Education Society was established by Dharmaveer Dr. Balkrishna Shivram Moonje, a great philanthropist, brave freedom fighter and the pioneer of Military Education in India. Dr. Balkrishna Shivram Moonje was a firm believer in the Indianisation of the armed forces during British rule and the indispensability of Military Training for Indian youth.
The society has a well-developed infrastructure with 165 acres of land in the heart of the holy city of Nashik. The prestigious campus is renowned as “Rambhoomi” and is adored for its discipline and quality education, all over India as well as abroad. The CHME Society has a long tradition of Value System and Military Education. Today, C.H.M.E. Society runs a number of institutions imparting quality education right from K. G to Ph.D.
Adventure Sports Training Centre at Anjaneri is the first ever Adventure Sports Institute in Maharashtra. This is an initiative by Directorate of Tourism (DoT), Govt. of Maharashtra and operated by CHMES’s Bhonsala Institute of Adventure Sports (BIAS). The objective of this Establishment is to provide adventure sports training, promote adventure sports amongst the aspiring youth and establish a safe & responsible practice of adventure sports and tourism.
DoT is a body of the Govt. of Maharashtra dedicated to expanding tourism in the state. DoT not only develops and maintains various tourist locations in the state, but also offers heritage walks,
Adventure activities, aquatic sports and attractive tour packages.
Bhonsala is known to be the pioneering organization in imparting “Military Training to Students” over the past 88 years. It is believed that adventure sports, especially mountaineering, is the closest combat sport to military combat. Over the past 28 years, the organization has offered to experience this thrill of adventure sports to more than 30,000 enthusiasts of all age groups by conducting various treks, camps and expeditions on land, water & sky.
Bhonsala Institute of Adventure Sports (BIAS) has been entrusted with the responsibility to efficiently operate Adventure Sports Training Center, Anjaneri. BIAS will also focus towards empowerment of the rural youth by extending dedicated certification courses in the field of Adventure Sports. The trained individuals will be able to contribute in promoting safe & responsible practice of adventure tourism in multiple ways such as fort guide, trekking & nature guide, waterfall guide etc.
Mission: The institute aims to promote adventure sports, martial spirit, physical fitness, skill development, leadership training and personality development.
Facilities: BIAS has established state-of-the art infrastructure including dormitory, dining area with dedicated kitchen, training hall, camping ground and support vehicles along with standard equipment required for land, water & air adventure sports courses.
Courses offered: BIAS offers a range of Certification courses which includes,
 Rock Climbing  Wilderness Survival  Trekking  Navigation
 Nature Learning  Outbound  Management   Rafting Kayaking
 Sailing  Scuba Diving  Parasailing  Paragliding
Additionally, the institute will organize workshops, seminars, nature trails & adventure camps for students and enthusiasts.
Expertise: BIAS has a team of experienced instructors, trainers and adventure sports professionals who will impart training and provide guidance to the participants. These experts, Including Ex-Servicemen, have qualifications & experience in their respective fields.